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OliveWhite Inc
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OliveWhite meetings 
Sharing OliveWhite's vision and mission/information on the radio
Before pictures of OliveWhite housing.  Getting the house ready for our Vets, and others needing housing

Continuing to work on the house.
The finished floors.  OliveWhite is getting the house ready for move in.

Volunteers/Appreciations Meeting to help with fundraisers. OliveWhite is truly blessed to have awesome volunteers.
We are dedicated to housing our homeless vets, and others so they can get a new start!!

Our Gallery of what OliveWhite has been up to!!!!
Side:  Staff is working hard to get this room ready for our Men.  

Below:  We are looking forward to the YARD SALE.  It helps fund the vision and mission of OliveWhite.
A Fundraiser in the ATL!!!!